Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Google and Orkut

CNET columnist Charles Cooper raises some interesting questions on why Google isn't trying to replicate Orkut's success in Brazil in North America: So explain again why Google doesn't clone Orkut?

So would the same formula, tailored for a North American audience, work the same magic north of the border? I put the question to Joe Kraus, whom I bumped into Monday at Adobe's San Francisco get-together. "Forget it" was the answer. Kraus should know: he directs product management at Google.

I'm completely with Charles in not getting Google's strategy. I'm all for putting all your eggs on OpenSocial, but why not turn Orkut in North America into the OpenSocial playground? This could so work. Nothing is stopping North Americans from using Orkut right now. Anyone can create an account. It wouldn't take much to build some tutorials around Orkut, encourage people to play, and turn loose the engines of creation.

I'm thinking this is a no-brainer. Why would Google seed this space to others? So color me confused at Joe Kraus's comment as well.

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