Friday, February 29, 2008

Filtering on the way out as an enterprise strategy

So you want some of the peer-production hyper-productivity for your organization? I was thinking about this some this morning and came up with some guidelines:

  • Include everyone you possibly can
    • Your borders, no matter where you draw them, will be porous -- error on the side of porosity
    • To make it work you need lots of people-- so don't put up barriers to entry
    • Exclusivity is for country clubs not social networks
    • Flatness, transparency, and the freedom to create are essential elements
    • Micro-management will kill the conditions which make these tools work
  • Publish/Release each piece of content when it is ready
    • The overwhelming majority of people come to content conversations through search. They go directly to the information they are seeking
    • Most look at a single piece of content conversation and leave
    • There's not a single good reason anyone can site for waiting
  • Every piece of content conversation stands alone
    • The only thing that should tie one piece of content conversation to another are relevant and embedded hyperlinks. Period.
  • Filter on the way out as an enterprise strategy... (one of David Weinberger's four pillars from Everything is Miscellaneous recast in a slightly different manner.)
    • If you must do QC then do it at the last minute -- just in time...
    • Do not filter on the way in... (See the first bullet)

These are mine.. Can you think of some more?

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