Thursday, February 28, 2008

Customer service expectations

I sent Budget a request via their Web form today and this is the response I got:

Your message was sent to a Budget Customer Service representative for review. Please allow 5 business days for a reply.

I got this response within 10 minutes of sending my inquiry. When I saw the email I fully expected to open the message and have what I had requested. Yes, I had some expectations of an immediate response.

I'm wondering if I had called their customer service people if they would have said, "Thank you for your inquiry, please expect a call back from us by next Thursday."


Floyd Davenport said...


This is a very important and often overlooked issue. When considering new options for communications and engagment, considering scale to meet expectations. It's a culture change for the work environment as well. At least they hopefully provided a realistic and honest response.

Anonymous said...

Agreed completely. We save them money by not calling. Not only that, I prefered not to talk to anyone. I had a simple request that didn't require me to talk to anyone. I provided them everything they needed to answer my question on their form.

It hasn't been 5 business days yet. That won't be until next Wednesday. I'm going to bet that I won't get a satisfactory response, that I will have wasted five days, and that I will end up calling them anyway.