Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big OpenID news

I've been a bit out of touch this week, but was super pleased to return to this news:Evolving the OpenID Foundation Board

This morning the OpenID Foundation announced that Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign, and Yahoo! have joined the board.

That looks like just about everyone. Who's left, Facebook? I'd say that any questions about the future belonging to OpenID have now been answered.


Janyne Kizer said...

What happens to people when their OpenID provider goes belly up? What if their OpenID provider is their employer and they go to a new job? What if it's their university and they graduate or transfer?

Anonymous said...

I expect that most people will have more than one. I have three right now.

Anonymous said...

It's possible to delegate your openID identity. What this means is that I can set up a homepage at say "" and then delegate the back end of openID processing to "". That way if goes belly up, I just switch my delegate and continue using as the URL for my login.

Of course, I'm somewhat of a technology sophisticate, but the point is that the capability is there to switch almost seamlessly.

Janyne Kizer said...

Sadly, the delegation doesn't work with several of the sites that I use. They require that I use their special ID. Not all that open.