Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What's her email address?

I had a first today which has got me thinking. It started early this morning when our systems manager asked me for someone's email address. The person he was asking about is someone who I have been working with professionally for over six months. She is a person who I have had frequent and quite regular conversations. The funny thing is that I'd never once exchanged email with her. All of our conversations have been through Facebook or Second Life. Not once in six months had we exchanged as much as one email. So when he asked me for her email address I had to ask her--which I did through Facebook.

Are you finding that you are connecting with your peers more through Second Life, Facebook, etc. and sending a lot less email? For me, this was a real-life example of why mining my Gmail address book to determine my social graph is particularly useless. I suspect that I am not alone in sending a lot less email than just two years ago. How about you?


Greg said...

Less maybe, but e-mail is still essential for me. It is a bridge between my Information Systems which reduces the number of silos of information.

Rhetorically...would you switch from Facebook to Live Spaces if I said I communicate with "my" network there and it has all the features of Facebook, plus RSS feeds for practically everything? Me neither, but that network is growing too.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the bridging aspect. I don't see it going away either. I'm just hoping that in the future it might get used more appropriately. We have so many better ways to accomplish of the same things now.

My use of Facebook is almost entirely a network effects situation. I'm definitely not enamored with it in any way. It just works. We've seen many situations where better solutions don't win in the end. If everyone was using an alternative SN I would definitely switch. I don't think I'd have any choice. We have to go to where the people are at.