Friday, January 18, 2008

University photo collections on Flickr?

Rex Hammock comments on the Library of Congress move to post some of their photo collection to Flickr: You should start your own version of the Library of Congress Flickr page

This is the type of smart use of new media and collaborative communities that I believe more institutions, companies and associations should be experimenting with. Here’s one little example: Does your church or synagogue have old photos gathering dust somewhere? Post them on a Flickr account and invite your members to help you identify who are on the photos. Just think about all the images in old school yearbook files that could be organized via tagging.

This is such a great idea. The public "owns" the photos kept in the archives of the Library of Congress, and it makes so much sense to make them more accessible. Our Land-Grant universities are also sitting on huge collections of photos. Where the universities may have copyrights on these photos, it is the public that paid to create them. So, which of our Land-Grant universities will be the first to create a Flickr page and/or upload their photos to the Wikipedia Commons? (Which I have called for previously.)

I'll place my money on either Utah State or the University of California.

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