Thursday, January 24, 2008

QOTD: Dawud Miracle on describing an audience

I saw this tweeted and it hits on my thoughts concerning the difficulty of defining communities. From Dawud Miracle:
Don’t think of your target audience as a noun.


Peg Boyles said...

Ahh, yes! Don't think of your audiences as nouns. Good stuff.

Dawud uses this mantra to remind himself that, "Action is the key...and I have to be in action."

But wait! He sees his audiences as "the actions I need to take."

Huh? He sees his target audiences as "actions he needs to take"? This continues to define audiences as just another noun form: the direct object.

What would happen if took the next step and considered our audiences, not as objects of our direct actions, but as actors themselves.

Now that could get really interesting!

Anonymous said...


I agree totally. I didn't like the article so much, but I loved the quote. :)