Tuesday, January 22, 2008

QOTD: Dave Johnson on the Yahoo layoffs

From David Johnson at Lost Remote commenting on the expected layoffs at Yahoo: Yahoo looks at cutting hundreds of jobs

Is it ironic that Yahoo positioned itself as the ultimate content aggregator online, co-opting newspaper publishing strategies and partnering with the newspaper industry, and now is laying off staff like newspapers are doing nationwide?

If your business is content you need to be paying close attention. Yahoo defined content production in the Web of old. This is a lesson in scale. You can't begin to throw enough people at the problem.


Anonymous said...

Interesting parallel that had not occurred to me. For the past 8 years, I've been pointing out to students that information or content creation is the most difficult (expensive) part of any information business.

From discussions with people in various publishing businesses, there's also a real pain point in distribution. Ultimately, I think you're right that the model needs to be completely revised.

We did an interview with Lou Rosenfeld, author of Information Architectures for the World Wide Web, about his new publishing initiative. His light weight, viral strategy contrasts starkly with big media models.

Anonymous said...

That was quite interesting. Thank you for sharing Bud!