Saturday, January 12, 2008

Note to Yahoo! on OpenID

From the New York Times: Yahoo Tests Support for OpenID

Yahoo controls a domain, which shows a short message indicating the company will act as an identity provider for OpenID.

This is not important. Getting your own OpenID is trivial. Most people already have one they just have no place to use it. What Yahoo! needs to do, that will be truly world-changing, is to accept OpenIDs. Come-on Yahoo! do something truly interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Even without accepting OpenID, this could be really interesting. Imagine if your Upcoming and pages were OpenIDs in additional to your Flickr page (which is already set to be enabled as one). You could use OpenID to "prove" your ownership of accounts on those services to other sites, opening up all kinds of interesting opportunities for cross-service mashups. I wrote more about this here.