Saturday, January 19, 2008

North Carolina Science Blogging Conference

I'm attending the North Carolina Science Bloggers Conference today in the Research Triangle Park. It's very cool that this event is happening here, and that I have the opportunity to participate. I enjoy blogging about research findings. I don't do as much science blogging as I would like, but it's definitely something on my bucket list (which I haven't written yet).

My hope for today is to find some methods to tap into the flow of research information prior to it being published. For me, the lag between when the science is done and when it is eventually reported is unacceptably long. By the time I see the research it's often just not that relevant. I know the information is flowing and I'm hoping to find some methods to tap into that flow earlier.

My second hope is to learn more about Science 2.0. I know that science, just like every other aspect of knowledge creation is moving beyond the traditional institutions. I'll be listening carefully today for conversations that broach user generated research. (UGR?)

Lastly, I'm looking to meet some really interesting people. There are several sessions where I will have the chance to talk with people with similar interests. So more than anything, this will be a real opportunity to learn from others. I'm also hoping that I'm not just a taker, but that I have something of value to contribute.

There are several opportunities for people at a distance to join the conversations. So hopefully some of you will drop in and participate. I'm going to try to survive on my Nokia N810, and be online continuously. You can chat me up at

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