Saturday, January 26, 2008

Growth in gaming and the challenge to educators

ars technica reports on the rapid growth of gaming, and how it's expanding while movies are remaining steady and music is in steep decline: Growth of gaming in 2007 far outpaces movies, music

2007 was a banner year for video gaming, and the industry has the figures to prove it. The Entertainment Software Association announced today that total sales for 2007 were $18.85 billion, with $9.5 billion of that spent on games (both PC and console) and $9.35 billion on consoles.

And it's not just young males playing games. Two of the fastest growing demographics are females, and people over age 35.

This is a difficult space to enter, especially the proprietary gaming world of the console. The online space, however, is full of opportunities. Chris Brogan in commenting on the growth in gaming asks some good questions- XBox PS3 Wii Second Life and You:

So the question is this: with all this energy, effort, revenue, and opportunity floating around in gaming, how much longer can you ignore it? Either as a player/participant, or an organization, what will you be doing in this universe?

Excellent questions. If you're in the education business what does your strategy look like? What percentage of your budget are you investing in preparation for the inevitable? What's your R&D budget? Are you living completely in the now, or are you actively preparing for the future? Are you going to the learners, or still expecting the learners to come to you?


Peg Boyles said...

Did you catch Harvard Law School's Charles Nesson on Stephen Colbert's show Thursday night?

Anonymous said...

That was a funny clip. Stephen Colbert is so quick.

Seriously though, Nesson is right. There is ton to be learned from things like that. I'd love to see the presidential poker tourney. :)

Thanks for sharing!