Thursday, January 31, 2008

The future is blended--get over it!

Lisa Barone on Google search: Blended Search Is The Toy In Your Happy Meal.

Are they upset that the news article ranking at position 4 has moved one listing off the page? Dude, if you’re so bothered, just click to page two. That’s far less work than having to type in some fancy parameter or change your settings so that Google can help you pretend it’s still the year 2000.

Google moved to blended search for one reason-- it's what the majority of people wanted and expected. People weren't going to one site to search for news, and then to another for blog postings. Sure, some people were, just as some people were using advanced search functions. But, these advanced searchers were in a very small minority.

I hear on an almost daily basis someone asking to implement some flavor of faceted search. In almost every instance, it's not someone worried about their own search behavior. Nope, it's someone trying to control and restrict other's search behavior. Just leave them alone!

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