Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ford gets it - goes Creative Commons

I saw this extremely progressive move by Ford mentioned on BoingBoing: Ford releases images under Creative Commons... Apparently Ford is saying to its fans, "Please take our images, do some cool stuff, sell it if you want, and please tell all your friends..." I followed the link through, and sure enough Ford is releasing its images (and words) under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.

Brilliant!!! Someone at Ford clearly gets it, and the management was smart enough to listen. Ford trusts its fans, and that speaks volumes. This is a strategy that combats obscurity. Trust me, there were very few people going to this page on the Ford Web site until they made this move. To top it off, they even suggest tags that people can use to describe their work, and locations for further sharing:

Ford may be early, but they won't be alone for long. This is where the world is headed. Isn't it time that our publicly funded institutions get aboard the train? The people who paid for the creation of this stuff will be expecting it sooner rather than later. Why not get out in front of it?

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