Thursday, January 17, 2008

Being the ball (again!)

From Martin Weller, Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University in the UK:

You only understand it by doing it - as many people have commented (e.g. Ewan), in order to understand web 2.0 you have to act 2.0. I think too many academics are guilty of seeing social networking, or any popular tool, as something to be researched, but not something to be experienced and used. This is both rather a snobbish attitude and also misses the point. Signing up for an account, dropping in for a couple of weeks, doing a survey and then disappearing does not gain you an understanding of how these things are really being used.

Amen to that! You have to be the ball.


Martin said...

Hi Kevin - yes, be the ball! That says what I took a whole paragraph to say. This applies to companies/organisations too - when they sit around and think 'how can we use/make money from web 2.0' the answer is 'you have to be 2.0'

Anonymous said...

Well, a key point in "being the ball" is that you have to actually get some use out of Web 2.0 for it to be of value. Maybe the only way to do that is to try it out. But, I think the long term arbiter of tech adoption is whether it really does something useful for you.