Thursday, December 20, 2007

Twitter must start blocking new accounts

I've seen statements like the following a lot of late. About how we Twitter users are uber-connected, leading-edge, ahead of the curve, the smartest people in the whole world, and on and on: Twitter is dangerous

By the way, if you think Twitter isn’t mainstream enough to matter, think again. It’s currently got almost 700,000 users, many of them influential early adopters. Twitter isn’t going away, and like all tools, it can be used for both good and evil. Balancing Twitter’s dangers and benefits may not be easy, but you’d better start thinking about it today.

That is so true. Place the power of 140 characters in the wrong hands and nations could fall.

Of course, we Twitter users were a lot more influential when there were a lot less of us. All these new people are just diluting the early-adopters' voice, making it no longer the world's most important sounding board. That's why I propose, at a minimum, that no new people be allowed to create accounts from this day forward. Even better, to help preserve that lab rat feel, I propose that anyone who created an account, say after Dec 2, 2006, have their accounts disabled.


Sue Waters said...

Kevin you so make me laugh. There was so many ways that you could have responded to the post on Twitter is dangerous but instead you propose a solution that gets rid of your favourite twitterers? Come on you will miss me? Just a little? If they followed your recommendation? Please let me stay - I will behave and I won't rant any more (okay for 24 hours I won't rant!)

Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE

Anonymous said...

Whew .. That means I can stay. I've had my account since September 2006.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, solutions are solutions. I will allow you to stay in Second Life, however, as long as you stay on your own island.


(You did make me laugh. TY!)

Anonymous said...


I knew what I was doing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for announcing the most significant new development on Twitter since it was invented.

Michael Krigsman

Eli Sagor said...

Hear hear! Except I get to keep mine. I want to be influential too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


5.15.07? You're out! Poof!


Brickgrrl said...

Hmmm... then we can't be mutual.

That settles it. I'm still going to click follow right now and take the teeth out of your idea.

I do have to admit, the exclusivity is appealing. Keep Eli's... and mine.

Kevin Gamble said...

Brickgrrl Life isn't fair, but in this instance I'll let you stay.

Eli??? Geez, you make this so hard.