Friday, December 28, 2007

Twitter and the newscycle

It was very interesting to watch the news break on television yesterday and to watch the twitter stream. Dennis Howlett at ZDNet noticed the same thing: Benazir Bhutto assassinated: Twitter’s utility

What I have seen today is the convergence of new media forms like Twitter and its add-ons, Seesmic, blogs and traditional TV media providing a powerful example of how important events are going to be reported, dissected, analyzed and ultimately acted upon from here on. Not some time in the future - but now.

Jeremiah Owyang mentioned something very similar on Twitter this morning:

It's pretty amazing how fast news breaks in twitter, this could be THE fastest form of communication around the globe.

I had a similar thought yesterday morning while I watched the news unfold:

Twitter is an amazing place this morning. I've been watching the news all morning but many of the reports I saw here first.

Seems to me that if you are in the information dissemination business you might need to be approaching things differently than assuming Twitter is dangerous. Might be time to formulate your Twitter strategy. Proactive trumps reactive every time.


Sue Waters said...

I now hear the latest news on Twitter than in conventional media. After reading the twitter about an assassination I googled to find more details. There was minimal information. So then switched on Sky News for more details.

PS does this mean I can now stay on Twitter?

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Anonymous said...

Geez you are persistent. I know I'm going to regret this, but I will let you stay. Twig and you -- that's it for exceptions.