Friday, December 7, 2007

Social media and mass communication survey

Interesting new study coming out of Canada on the growing importance of social media: SOCIAL MEDIA MORE IMPORTANT THAN MASS MEDIA, ONE IN TWO BUSINESS LEADERS SAY

One in two Canadian business leaders say social media is becoming more important than mass media. 46 per cent say social media tools such as Facebook, YouTube and blogs are becoming even more important than television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

I find this a little surprising, but it's good to see that so many realize that a major change in society is underway. But then it has this:

The survey also found that executives are sharply divided over the use of social media in the workplace. Two-thirds (66 per cent) said employees shouldn’t use social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook at work, while 34 per cent said it is important for employees to participate in and understand the medium.

This tells me that they have awareness, but that they don't yet understand. They don't understand how it is impacting business practices, and the shift to burst. Progress none-the-less. I'm guessing most people see the train right before it hits them.

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