Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reasons for quitting Twitter

Scott Karp has an interesting post: Why I Stopped Using Twitter. I mostly disagree with him. I think you have to look at it like the blogosphere -- you can't read everything, but if you use feeds, filters, pipes... it's very manageable. It's a social medium and you have to let your network work.

He did have this one thing which caused me to scratch my head a tad:

An example of high noise to signal is the Twitter “half conversation” — where two user are talking to each other directly, but you only follow one of them. So you hear half the conversation, like listening to someone on their cell phone. It’s quasi-voyeuristically interesting sometimes, but mostly it’s just annoying

I'm thinking the half-conversation is one of Twitter's more interesting characteristics. I love seeing half conversations, and trying to decipher what they are about. They are entertaining. If something really peaks my curiosity I'll just click through to see the other half. That's how I found most of the people I now follow. Being that I almost always look at the blogs of those twitterers it's a great way to broaden your thinking and reading list. Half conversations are not an annoyance, they are to be enjoyed.

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