Sunday, December 2, 2007

Open Educational Resources Case Study: Otago Polytechnic

Terra Incognito at Penn State has a nice case study written by Leigh Blackall on the move to an Open Educational Resource model at New Zealand's Otago Polytechnic Institute.

Some of the highlights of their implementation:

It takes a lot of guts for institutions to change this radically. It's refreshing to see. We can only hope to see these types of changes proliferate. Somehow we have to get to models for education that make sense for the digital age. We have long outgrown the industrial educational methodologies of the last century.

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Bud Gibson said...

The question of how to position educational institutions in the digital age is an interesting one. Once you put all your resources out in the open, what do you charge for?

I've often considered that our real value proposition is certification. We certify that people have reached some level of competence, and the certifications are recognized as good.

Generally, I think the Internet will level the playing field in this environment. That might be good for smaller institutions. But one should never forget that the Internet is a harsh mistress, commoditizing popular topic areas and, to some extent, removing location dependence, something a lot of smaller schools depend on.

PS I really like the use of OpenID on your site and the follow up comments email.