Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Highlighted predictions: youth, podcasting, facebook

I said I was going to highlight interesting predictions made by others, here is #2. Anastasia Goodstein at Ypulse has posted her predictions for 2008: Ypulse 2008 Teen Tech Predictions

I like her comments about Facebook, and that youth are moving there because it's less in-the-open.. She also mentions Facebook having a negative impact on the widget space. I think she's right. I think widgets will be most widely adopted by the older set:

Facebook, apps instead of widgets and more "privacy." This may be the generation that is more comfortable living their lives online, but not when the people looking are adults with authority over teenagers (parents, teachers, cops, etc.). There will continue to be a migration to Facebook from MySpace as Facebook is viewed as "more private" by teenagers. Teens may keep their MySpace profiles to connect with bands and check out content, but it's becoming all about Facebook for socializing. It doesn't matter to teens that there are tons of loopholes or that adding Facebook apps exposes your personal data to marketers (though I am a proponent of opting in), it's just that most moms and dads haven't figured out how to find you there...yet. And as I alluded to the other day, this move towards private is fueling the growth of applications and apparently hurting the widget space.

I also agree with her comments on podcasting's demise:

Podcasting. I just don't hear that much about it anymore. I know there are some high profile teen podcasters but it never quite reached the mass adoption level of blogs or even online video.

Of course this is nothing new, but it's nice to see more mainstream voices saying that it's going nowhere. I've been taken to task for saying the exact same thing in the past: Podcasting is not for me...

Nope, I‘m not buying that rosy scenario. Listening takes way more personal bandwidth than most are willing to invest. If they would make podcasts smarter then maybe, but I‘m not seeing this technology being adopted en masse any time soon.


Nathan Snell said...
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Anonymous said...

I think that people don't actually subscribe to podcasts, but they do consume media content on the web all the time. That's been doing nothing but grow.

Also, I think that like RSS feeds, podcasting may actually be one of those behind-the-scenes technologies. At its technology essence, podcasting is really just a way of syndicating media content and making it widely available. Viewed from that angle and considering that major online video sites (youtube) syndicate content in this format, podcasting is taking over the world.

The original idea of subscribing and faithfully following something like GeekNewsCentral seems not to have lasted.

Anonymous said...


Do you have any podcasts that you listen to?

I will listen to an occasional recorded interview, but it's got to be someone pretty interesting, and I almost always have to see some transcript first to entice me to listen further.


Anonymous said...

The answer is yes, but I use something like your method of troving archives. For instance, I definitely do follow the google tech talk "podcast" and watch when the title and description seem to warrant it.

I also watch some shows on line and look for the alert when a new one is available.