Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Email spam only getting worse

CNET is reporting on the Barracuda Networks' annual spam report: 95 percent of all e-mail sent in 2007 was spam

Tell us something we didn't already know. Didn't Bill Gates tell us three years ago that we were close to solving the spam problem?

Two years from now, spam will be solved,” he told a select group of World Economic Forum participants at this Alpine ski resort. “And a lot of progress this year,” he added at the event late Friday, hosted by U.S. talk show host Charlie Rose.

Gates said Microsoft, where he has the title of chief software designer, is working on a solution based on the concept of “proof,” or identifying the sender of the e-mail.

Guess that didn't work out so well. Here's my solution to spam, outlaw the sending of email to more than one person at a time. Email should be used for one-to-one communication. As soon as you add a third person there is almost always a better way to accomplish the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't agree with the premise that email is one-to-one communication at ALL.

Email is the only good way to currently keep a small team apprised of non-broadcast (i.e. semi-private) issues that don't need to be dealt with immediately. And that don't require a lot of round-trip feedback

(e.g. the "For your information" notes for a small team < 7)

It's a terrible announcement mechanism. And not all that great for 1-to-1 communication.

1-to-1 communication is best done by other means today, IM particularly.

I'll buy in if we pick an arbitrary number, say one's work team. If the note goes to more than that, we can outlaw it, because there certainly are better broadcast methods.

Anonymous said...

I actually had several caveats for this post, and had started to write them. It was getting long and uninteresting. I figured I'd get the chance to clarify in the comments. :)

When it comes to your strong-ties network <8 then I am in total agreement. Although, I can think of many other ways those conversations could still occur outside of email.