Monday, December 24, 2007

The Economist's prediction

From the Econmist, Technology in 2008: Three fearless predictions

1. Surfing will slow

PEERING into Tech.view’s crystal ball, the one thing we can predict with at least some certainty is that 2008 will be the year we stop taking access to the internet for granted. The internet is not about to grind to a halt, but as more and more users clamber aboard to download music, video clips and games while communicating incessantly by e-mail, chat and instant messaging, the information superhighway sometimes crawls with bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Silly me. I read the "Surfing will slow" and thought they were predicting the demise of navigable web sites: Is browsing analagous to channel surfing?, or perhaps the explosion of the searchable content wad. It was not to be. Instead they trotted out a tired old meme that we've seen too many times in the past. Sigh! The internet is in no immediate danger of melting down.

I'm thinking I won't write a prediction post this year. Instead I'll just comment on others. My first anti-prediction, surfing will not slow we're just going to do much less of it.

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