Sunday, November 11, 2007

Twitterverse Scrabulous World Championship Series: The power of 2.0

A group of 32 of us are having the best of time playing in a Scrabulous tournament that we organized completely through Twitter and Facebook. Another online tool, Bracket-Maker is being used to manage the actual competition.

It took less than a few hours to get everyone committed to playing, communicating with each other-- friending and messaging. The actual competition was started almost immediately.

It's a testament to the self-organizing ability of these tools. If a group of strangers can come together almost instantaneously for recreation, just imagine what committed colleagues could do in a work environment? This is a trivial example of the real sorts of activity that can happen by adopting Enterprise 2.0 practices. These tools allow for the quick creation of connections and relationships that couldn't be done any other way. Could you imagine trying to organize this tournament through email?


Unknown said...

Nice analogy.

If we already have established some connections, with professional credibility and some trust built among some of the individuals, creating linkages that allow for easy ways to connect in situations that require quick response collaboration is very doable. Not to mention those that don't necessarily need quick response.

Though I don't think playing Scrabble is that wonderful because I a soooo short on time, it has been a neat trial in connecting and competing with people I don't know.

The other part of this exercise is that even though it is a game, it was an exercise in accountability. I had to find time to play my turn, so my competitor could play hers. I felt like I could not hold up the game. I squeezed in the plays when I could. Evidently, her time for this activity is as short as mine.

Anyway, thanks for starting this exercise.

Kevin Gamble said...

It's been fun for sure. And quite amazing. There was most definitely something to be learned from this exercise. :)

Unknown said...

Yes, lots could be learned. I found out that Miauls is the plural of Miaul which is the sound made by a cat (or any sound resembling this). I can't play a word without knowing its meaning, now can I?