Thursday, November 1, 2007

OpenSocial: The why

I've broken away from Scrabulous long enough to immerse myself in talk about Google's OpenSocial announcement scheduled for today. (Note: this link is empty until later.) I'm liking what I've been reading.

One of the best reads comes from Marc Andreessen at Pmarca (Ning): Open Social: a new universe of social applications all over the web. Obviously, Marc is in a position to know a little something about what will be announced. It's not too difficult to read between the lines to get a glimpse of what's coming.

I think any web site going forward that wants maximum distribution across the largest number of users will have a single back-end, and then multiple sets of front-end pages.

That's a nice vision for the future. I'm making the assumption that the "multiple sets of front-end pages" means that the access to your information is through widgets that can be spread across the Internet. I'm looking forward to learning more. Let's face it, we're all desperate for an alternative to the Facebook lock-in. Google is the only player capable of turning the tide, and there is a lot hanging on today's announcement.

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