Thursday, November 29, 2007

An OpenID link for Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble has a post on the problems we're facing from not having a single identity: How many identity systems do we need? He mentions how bad the problem is for Ebay across all of their Internet properties:

Last night I met Dan Pritchett, technical fellow at eBay. He told me that eBay alone has 21 identity systems.

So, if you wanted to use every part of eBay’s empire, like Skype, PayPal, StumbleUpon, etc, you’d need to sign in 21 different times.

Is there any wonder why people login to Facebook and never leave? This identity thing needs to be solved. Robert asks the right questions:

How many identity systems and social networks do we need? How are we going to join them all together? I know I’m on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Yelp, Upcoming, etc. etc. etc. — I wish they all talked with each other and all used the same sign on. Memorizing passwords is a real PITA.

So why didn't Robert answer his own questions? The answer is that we only need one identity system, and we have a solution already. It's called OpenID.

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