Thursday, November 15, 2007

iPhone and text entry

As you all know I'm seriously considering getting an iPhone (actually several) when my current Verizon contract expires. I'd mentioned before the lack of a physical keyboard with the iPhone as an issue. Last night I came across a study confirming this deficiency: QWERTY Texters Demonstrated Drop in Efficiency When Texting on iPhone

Compared to hard-key QWERTY devices, the iPhone may fall short for consumers who use on their mobile device heavily for email and text messaging. The iPhone was clearly associated with higher text entry error rates than a hard-key QWERTY phone.

The study pretty much confirms what I already knew from the month I've been using my iPod Touch. It's definitely harder to enter text on the Touch's built in keypad.

Where the Touch shines is with the Internet experience, and in particular the Safari browser. Life is about making choices. I'm still thinking that the browsing experience on the Touch is so superior that I'm willing to sacrifice the less than desirable text entry capability.

I have found that if I just leave the mistake ridden text alone and send it anyway, that most people have no problem whatsoever in determining the context and figuring out what I really meant. Perhaps this is one of those areas where we're going to have to get over our perfectionism and accept the text as good enough? ehat do yiu thinl? Can we libe with good eoifg?


Patrick Mueller said...
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Mad William Flint said...

A significant part of my personal neurosis (if not psychosis) stems from a saying of my Mother's. But every once in a while it was right.

"Good enough isn't good enough."

Anonymous said...

Well I am hoping that when they make improvements to the iphone that the keyboard will be a major area they will address.

Kevin Gamble said...

Ahhh, but Joe, I'm not coming to this from some crap phone where I have to use something like T9. My expectations have already been escalated far beyond the average phone toting consumer. :)