Saturday, November 24, 2007

Identity, privacy and Facebook Beacon

There's a good interview on Forum One Communication with Bob Blakley on: User-centric identity. I recommend you read it. He concludes with a comment, which to me cuts to the chase with why people are having such a problem with the new Facebook Beacon advertising system.

Privacy is not about keeping personal information secret. It's about ensuring that people who handle personal information respect the dignity of the individuals to whom that information refers.

That seems to me to be the core of the issue. The way that Facebook has chosen to implement Beacon shows a tremendous disrespect to the dignity of its users.


Anonymous said...

With Beacon, Facebook and the retailer have decided that Facebook has a right to someone's personal choice of buying something. I blame the retailers as much as I blame Facebook. When I buy something from an online retailer, I do so with the idea that the only relationship I have during this transaction is with the retailer. Now a third party has entered without my permission.

If I buy a product from an actual physical store, I don't expect the store to then contact the local newspaper via a press release, leaving it up to me to make sure the story isn't printed.

I blogged about it here:

Sorry to rant, but Beacon pisses me off.

Kevin Gamble said...

I agree completely! I appreciate your rant. Feel free to drop by and rant at any time.

Thank you!