Monday, November 12, 2007

Google to acquire Sprint?

This rumor being circulated this morning is very interesting, VoIP Blogger, Rumor Mill: Google Acquiring Sprint

Recent news that Sprint is not going to work with Clearwire to build out a WiMAX network only added to the rumors I have been hearing about Google acquiring Sprint Nextel. On the surface it seems like this would be a bad move for Google but in reality the world’s leading search engine has become so much more than just a website to go to when you want to find a trinket of information… The company now needs a wireless network to allow it to grow in the mobile search and related spaces such as watching YouTube videos on the subway.

I speculated last week that I thought Sprint was in need of LOTS of help: Sprint in need of a sugar daddy? Google acquiring Sprint makes too much sense. Someone has got to come to the rescue of the mobile computing public. No one could do this better than Google. Every single consumer knows the current system is hopelessly broken, and we're looking for someone to save us. Google could totally disrupt this industry in the way that Apple did to the music business.

We are on the verge of a mobile computing revolution that will be driven by the next generation of smartphones. The soon to emerge smartphone customers don't necessarily even want voice. Voice is not the killer application. They do want access to data and other forms of computer mediated communications, however, and the currently available mobile data networks totally suck.

Google could make a killing in this space. We can only hope the rumors are true.

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