Friday, October 12, 2007

What workstreaming is not...

Web Worker Daily has a post that was shared with me through by AAfromAA. Thank you Anne! I've been crazy busy so I'm a few days late getting around to this: Workstreaming: The New Face Time

Workstreaming is the next generation of the 11 pm email you send to your team to show them that you’ve been working all evening. Workstreaming is related to lifestreaming, producing an RSS feed of all the bits and pieces of your online self in date-time order. But lifestreaming incorporates everything from the personal to the professional to the trivial, while workstreaming is only about showing what you’ve just accomplished, what you’re working on now, and what you’re planning to do in the future.

You know, that is just not true. Workstreaming is about all of the same things as lifestreaming. It's not just about what you've "checked-in" to the Subversion repository lately. It's about what you're thinking, feeling, learning, exploring, and everything else that is important to you as a person. It's all part of the blurring of work and personal. You can't and shouldn't even try to separate them.

Caring coworkers do want to know what's going on with their colleagues, and personal things are an important aspect of any workstream. Where workstreaming could certainly be used inappropriately for micro-managing, it would be the stupid organization that would corrupt such a powerful concept in this way.

Web Worker Daily's article had it mostly right. I suspect that the writer has never worked in an organization where these tools are used effectively. Just like other Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 tools, if you use them inappropriately you break the conditions that make these tools so magical.

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