Saturday, October 20, 2007

Small and pocketable Internet devices

InfoWorld has this review of the Nokia N810 that isn't very positive, but I'm thinking they misssed the whole point of this device: First Glance: The Nokia N810 Linux Internet Tablet Doesn't Make Sense

And that's its main drawback -- you're paying nearly $500 for a device that only connects over Wi-Fi, and you need to spend more money on another smartphone if you want to connect over other wireless networks.

But that's not even an option with the currently hot Wi-Fi only device -- the iPod Touch. The Nokia not only comes with Wi-Fi, it also includes bluetooth, and even a built-in GPS. It also offers VoIP, bigger and better screen resolution, and a physical keyboard. All things missing from the Touch. Using this, bluetooth, and your existing phone network you could get a fast Internet connection almost everywhere.

Check out this video: N810 in action.

Come November I'm going to need to get my hands on one of these. I'm thinking this might be a better option than an iPhone. I'm seriously wanting to avoid AT&T, and right now I'm beginning to shift into a more serious shopping mode. My current contract is up in January so I need to make the decision. What am I missing?

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