Monday, October 29, 2007

QOTD: David Cushman on indigenous content

David Cushman: Starting a fire on the village green

If and when everyone gathers around that fire, the last thing we should do is stand up and hold forth with a monologue... The moment we default to that we have to kick ourselves. Shut up and sit down, let someone else have a go!


Peg Boyles said...

I love the term "indigenous content," though I'd like it even better described as "indigenous conversation."

Sometimes the natives don't respect the commons, though. They add too much fuel or start too many new fires for public health and safety.

Sometimes even small fires escape their original intent to warm bodies & souls or cook food and become raging, destructive wildfires.

As BadgerGravling responded to Dave's post, "Oh, and I believe fires are now prohibited from village greens due to the health and safety risk."

Kevin Gamble said...

I definitely prefer your edit.

As always, I enjoyed your comments. Thank you!