Saturday, October 20, 2007

CSI and Second Life and education

CSI New York next Wednesday, October 24 at 10p Eastern will take viewers into Second Life to solve a case of virtual stalking. TechCrunch has the story: CSI:NY Comes To Second Life Wednesday

CSI:NY fans will be encouraged to join Second Life and investigate the case by following a link on the CBS website. CSI:NY will have three options for CSI-related inworld activities. The first option will allow viewers to walk around virtual New York buildings and visit a CSI lab and play forensic games.

This sounds like a wonderful introduction to the educational capabilities of the Second Life environment. I personally think that Second Life is the most compelling distance learning environment we've seen to date. What you can do in Second Life so eclipses the DL 1.0 environments that nothing else compares. The problem is, the learning curve for Second Life is not insignificant. A person has to be highly motivated to get past the initial barriers before they can have that "ahhh haaaa!" moment.

CBS looks to be putting all sorts of educational and entertaining activities around this CSI episode.

The second option consists of a game called “Murder by Zuiker,” a unique murder plot which can be solved by users finding clues. The 100 people who come closest to solving the murder will win virtual gifts.

The big tie-in gives new users the ability to become CSI investigators, complete with field kit and tools, and are given a chance to interview suspects and to solve the murder featured in the actual CSI:NY episode. The episode itself will apparently end in a cliff-hanger with the solution not revealed until February.

I'll be watching Wednesday for sure. If you've been wondering about Second Life and possible educational applications this might be your chance to have a little fun, and learn about Second Life at the same time.

Let's plan on discussing this some more come Thursday morning.


Janyne Kizer said...

I heard something about a new Second Life client being released the day of the program.

Kevin Gamble said...

Yes, it's the first browser since they open sourced the client software. Being done by the Electric Sheep folks. Should be quite interesting.