Monday, October 22, 2007

Apple revenue and iPod Touch sales

The Apple revenue announcement today said that sales of iPods were up 17% from a year ago. Does anyone have any idea what percentage of those sales might be Touches?

I had this to say when the Touch was announced:

I'm predicting that the iPod Touch will outsell the iPhone. AT&T is a noose around the neck of the iPhone that will ultimately hurt sales. Many of us don't want the voice. It's the least interesting application.

So I found this little tidbit of interest in the CNNMoney report on the Apple quarter:

Early data indicate iPod Touch sales are eating into iPhone sales, says Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research.

And did you see this? Just amazing -- who would have thought?

After the good news today Apple's stock price is going up, up, up into the $186 range - putting its market cap ($161 Billion) above IBM ($156.45 Billion) for the first time in history.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

As we don't have iphones yet in Australia why do you believe that itouchs will outsell iphones?


Kevin Gamble said...

The problem with the iPhone is not the phone it is telecommunication carrier that Apple got into bed with. So in order to use the iPhone you have to subscribe to a "plan" through AT&T. The iPod Touch uses wi-fi (where you can find it or steal it). Pretty much the same device as the iPhone without the noose around its neck.

Anonymous said...

mmmm interesting which is why it has not been introduced into Australia. We use SIM cards which must be part of the issue. Also our network going to 3G so iphone is bit of an issue.