Saturday, October 27, 2007

Apple limiting iPhone purchases

So Apple will only sell you two iPhones at a time now. I was seriously considering purchasing four come December: The New York Times has the story: Apple Limits Sale of iPhones: Two Per Person and No Cash

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 26 (AP) — Apple no longer accepts cash for iPhone purchases and now limits sales of the cellphone to two per person in a move to stop people from reselling them.

The new policy started Thursday, said Natalie Kerris, an Apple spokeswoman. Before then, there was no cash restriction and the purchase limit was five per person.

I have a real problem with companies (and others) when they make the assumption that every customer is a potential criminal, cheat, etc. If you have a problem with the 2% (taking a wild guess) of the people buying iPhones then deal with it. But you don't treat the rest of us like we're evil.

More signs that Apple is losing their edge, the very reason many of us chose them over their competitor in the first place. It's not only about the bottom-line.

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