Monday, September 24, 2007

Your avatar after death

Nicholas Carr while discussing YouDeparted comes up with a brilliant revenue idea for Second Life: Corpse-generated content.

Second Life, for instance, could offer its members, for a nominal fee, the ability to have their avatars turn into ghosts after they pass away. The ghosts would just randomly float around the virtual world for eternity. They could call the service Third Life.

This is something I hadn't considered when I discussed handling my eventual online departure. If it could be combined with something like this new Twitter API called 1000 Monkeys I think this idea could be a real winner. The way 1000Monkeys works is that it mashes up random tweets to make brand new ones...

Now, how sweet would it be if your Second Life ghost avatar could randomly mash up things that you'd said over your lifetime and talk in-world?

If we had a feed on favs I wouldn't have to do this. I'm so conflicted.

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