Monday, September 3, 2007

Wednesday's major Apple announcement

Rumors are that the announcement is about an iTunes kiosk:

Well, truth be told, word on the street is Apple will be unveiling, among other things, new iTunes kiosks that will be set up through various retail outlets in North America. No word on how many or what stores they'll be at, but apparently you will be able to dock your iPod/iPhone onto one of these things and download some tunes on a whim. The machines will accept credit cards as well as iTunes gift cards and will support all iPod models. It will even upgrade your iPod software if it's not up to date!! But here's the real kicker, TOUCH SCREEN INTERFACE!!!

Yawn, how 1995. What is the market for this? How about an iTunes juke box? Now that makes total sense.

UPDATE: From CrunchGear

Wednesday’s iPod’s are expected to have digital radio and the ability to purchase songs directly from iTunes via WiFi.

Okay, that's interesting! Wifi built into the iPod would be most awesome. No docking! No need for those kiosks either.

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