Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Saturday morning Google game for you

One of my new Twitter peeps Twilla_Zoned pointed me to this fun game: Guess the Google. If you're wanting to get in touch with your inner GNDness this could be it. It's also a great way to GND when waiting on your peeps to play in Scrabulous. Here's how it works...

The site creates for you a montage of images from Google. Your job is to guess the word used to create it. Pretty simple.

For example, the correct word for the montage of images above was "water". I was so proud of myself as I was able to skitch this and guess the answer in the alloted time. :) Trust me, they're not all this easy. Some of the correct answers have nothing to do with the subject of the images, but instead are based on the images' metadata. These were especially satisfying to guess.

Have fun!

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