Sunday, September 30, 2007

QOTD: Valeria Maltoni on being the ball

From Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent: How Social Networks are Disrupting Everything you Know About Business will not be able to shift your business model to blur the lines between static and dynamic, push/pull and conversation until you participate yourself.

Which is what I've been trying to hammer home for a while. I have been so totally ineffective in "describing" to people what is going on that I have stopped trying. This is not something you can get unless you are an active participant. You have to be the ball.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

Totally agree with you. Very hard to explain what it is when they are not already in that space because it is only when they are doing it that you have a hope of them getting it. '

My advice to all educators who are waiting to use these social networking tools with their students is to first use them in their own life because they have to understand how they work to realise how to use with their students.


Kevin Gamble said...


I've been thinking about this a lot of late because I'm giving a keynote week after next. I'm faced with the dilemma of convincing them that change is necessary, and yet knowing that they can't really understand the urgency.

I'm still not sure how to approach it.


Valeria Maltoni said...


May I suggest reading 'Get There Early' by Bob Johansen (Institute of the Future)? You may also find a few scattered ideas to pull together at the Marketing Profs:Daily Fix. I am about to publish a post there on why companies think they should wait based on my work inside corporate America and my understanding of that book.

Kevin Gamble said...


Just bought it. Thank you for the suggestion.