Thursday, September 20, 2007

QOTD: Sue Waters on multitasking

Sue Waters definitely raises the bar: How Do You Fit Everything In! DO YOU Ever Sleep?

Pondered whether I could run two Elluminate sessions (virtual classrooms) on my computer at the same time and decided if both sessions could run then it meant my computer could cope so I must be able to cope!

Oh my! Have to appreciate that logic. Reading her post had me crying I was laughing so hard. Perhaps it hit a tad too close to home.


Unknown said...

As I sit here in an Elluminate session, gtalking, twittering and making a word list of shopping for tonight - welllllll - yes, i'm a schizophrenic multi-tasker too.

Is it healthy - well, I had a week off the Internet last week, and my brain certainly felt calmer, so I'm not sure it is good for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

Wish I could have seen the tears running down your face from laughter. It makes me laugh how so many people around the world are laughing at this.

The funniest thing was I was caught out this morning in another Virtual classroom session. One of the main people had read my post and asked if I was in another session. And what else I was doing -- so I told her about the challenge.