Saturday, September 1, 2007

Opt-in as a strategy

Can you build a community by being totally hands-off? Is push finally dead? Is push nothing short of rude and old school? From Harold Jarche: Opt-in

Now that we’re inundated with information, e-mail and invitations to the next great Web 2.0 thing, pull is looking a lot better than push. Pull means that the individual decides what to read or who to talk to. I wrote about this earlier, in Please don’t push my learning.

One reason that I have been such a fan of Elgg is that this open source, social learning platform has at its core the concept that the individual has to decide to opt in, whether it be to connect with an instructor, a learner, a community or a group.

I think we've reached the tipping point: Push= pushy. It's just not appropriate any longer. Maybe it never was.

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