Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I want an iPod Touch

I'm predicting that the iPod Touch will outsell the iPhone. AT&T is a noose around the neck of the iPhone that will ultimately hurt sales. Many of us don't want the voice. It's the least interesting application.

This is cool too. I will definitely use this:

While navigating the iTunes online store, customers will be able to see what song is playing in the Starbucks store at that moment and buy it with one click.


Anonymous said...

As an iPhone owner I can say that if the iPod Touch came out first I probably would have gone with that. However...having access to Google Maps, a little email and the phone does have its advantages out where there is no WiFi...and now for only $100 more! Mind you, normally I would not carry an iPod around with me but these other tools make it worthwhile. If only the iPod Touch had a Mail/Chat application - it would be better. Yes, you can use webmail and web ichat alternatives like meebo. iPod Touch is a very good looking product.

Anonymous said...
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