Friday, September 21, 2007

Google Shared Stuff confuses me

I decided to kick-the-tires on Google Shared Stuff after reading this piece from Blogstorm: 5 Reasons to Start Using Google Shared Stuff

So I've bookmarked some things, and now I'm totally confused. Using it is no problem at all. It feels very much like or ma.gnolia. It's just bookmarking, no big deal really, but here's what I don't get...

Where is the sharing? How does anyone find these pages? How do I see other people's pages? I'm not making this up.

It looks to me like the only way for someone to know about your Shared Stuff is for you to send them an email? Let's get serious-- I am never going to send an email. Is that not going back to the days of mailing around URLs? Nobody does that anymore do they?

It does allow you to click-through to bookmark these items on other sites like, but then you just have to reenter the data all over again. So why not just bookmark them on these other sites in the first place?

It seems to me that this is very alpha, and that it's missing a few things. Like perhaps a widget so we can place it on our blogs or even our iGoogle pages? What am I missing-- can someone help me out?


Anonymous said...

I also started using Google Shared Stuff, which I happened to write an article about...

Google Gets In On Social Bookmarking

As far as sharing with others, it is my understanding that users can view the shared bookmarks of contacts in your Gmail account... I am not sure how this works, but I just assumed that none of my contacts had started using the service.

Google System provides more info about what is currently possible with Shared Stuff, such as viewing the most popular shared stuff.

Hope this helps

Kevin Gamble said...


This was helpful. TY!

Seeing the most popular page was interesting. A Google best kept secret? :)

I send almost zero email, and even less through Gmail. So now that I know how it works, it's not a surprise that no one is sharing. Looks like I need to talk a contact in to trying this out to see if I can make it work.

Seems rather absurd that Google would make the assumption that someone in my contacts list is someone who I would also like to see/share bookmarks. That is certainly not the case.

Thanks again for writing. You definitely helped and it's got me curious to explore more.