Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Facebook costing businesses millions?

The BBC has this story on how employees using social networking sites like Facebook are wasting all sorts of time and costing their employers millions a day: Facebook 'costs businesses dear'

Workers who spend time on sites such as Facebook could be costing firms over £130m a day, a study has calculated.

Of course, this only works if you are an old-world type organization where you have office hours and something called a work day.

If you are a "burst" organization then employees using these tools costs you nothing. Actually, you could get creative with metrics and demonstrate just as easily that these tools are making organizations millions a day. Where do breakthroughs come from? How do you spawn innovation, creativity, and ideation? What is the next "big idea" worth?

It's all what you decide to measure. Counting seat time is so last century it's laughable.


Anonymous said...

There is also the relationship building/watercooler type interaction that occurs.

Peg Boyles said...


But when employers/contractors pay in $$--which most of us must still use--what metric will they use to determine compensation?

What is the next "big idea" worth? It's all what you decide to measure.

Even little ideas and little jobs, in the aggregate, can matter hugely. Especially those that disappear under the current system of Standard National Accounts because they generate no dollars (or even an imputed value).

Kevin Gamble said...
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Kevin Gamble said...


I'm not sure I get your point? Don't conversations happen a lot of places? Aren't there advantages to having discussions new people, people with different perspectives, people from different parts of the world, etc. If all we talk to is the same people at the water cooler all the time... Seems like the "workplace" as we know it could be an inhibitor of ideation as much as it might help.


Little ideas aggregated grow into big ideas.

Compensation -- the thought of which should keep many of us awake at night. Got me where this is going...