Saturday, September 29, 2007

Advice for getting started in Second Life for women

Sue Waters has another funny post, this time about getting started in Second Life: I’m on Holidays! Real life? Or Second life? It is chockfull of good advice such as:

Can I say NEVER, NEVER let a man take you into Second Life when you are a beginner.

I'm not sure what she meant by this. I think she just got the wrong man. I gave her the following advice to use when shopping for hair:

I’m going to share a tip on the whole hair deal. The flexi hair is a must. I can’t tell much about your hair in the screen capture you posted, but here’s the secret for checking it out in-world.

In your gestures you have a mechanism to make your avatar do a flip. (WARNING: DON’T DO THIS WITH PEOPLE AROUND WHILE WEARING A FLEXI DRESS.) Anyway, do the flip and watch your hair move from several different angles. This is a must.

You all didn't know that everything I know about fashion was learned in Second Life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

I think you may be right..I think you need to give me some links to web sites that give provide fashion tips for coping in Second Life.


Anonymous said...

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