Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is the purpose round 2....

What is the purpose of the front page, album artwork, masthead, magazine cover, banner, homepage?


Greg said...

1) To draw you in and 2) to leave an impression.

I've noticed that reading RSS feeds with Reader gives all tidbits equal weight, but if I actually visit the blog to read an article it leaves a more lasting impression.

Kevin Gamble said...

How does it draw you in if you never go there? It takes a lot to get me to leave the sanctuary of my reader.

John Dorner said...

Is there a way to subscribe to all of the comments posted to a blog (i.e. this blog)? I can figure out how to subscribe to the comments for a particular article, but if I want to see the comments for a new article that I am reading in my reader, then I have to come to the article's page and then click on the comments.

I would love to get away from having to come visit your site, but how else can I get the full discussion?

Floyd Davenport said...


I think the answer is simple... branding and image. However, I think the question might be, do they work?

Kevin Gamble said...


Well, I can turn on the comment feeds but I'll be darned if I can find anywhere that it tells me what it is. I'll keep looking and get it fixed. Thanks for pointing this out.


Kevin Gamble said...

Okay, I got the comment feed installed. Thanks for the heads-up John.


Unknown said...

The purpose is for branding and identification. While I am reading more and more in a feeder, I do go to sites with searches. During the searches, I might find that I like the source good enough to put it in my reader. The identity of the site maybe helpful in my decision.

Kevin Gamble said...

Anne, I buy that from the banner perspective but not the homepage. If people are coming from search they're landing deeper in the site, and they rarely click or go anywhere.

Jakob Nielson's latest eyetracking research says people don't look at the banners:

It's an interesting situation for sure.

And yes, I am playing a bit of a devils advocate here. Just sparking the conversation.