Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Twitter adds people search

It just became much easier to find people on Twitter. From an email from Biz Stone yesterday:

It's new feature season and we're starting with People Search. This new Twitter feature is great for finding more people to follow because it searches profile information such as name location, bio, and url. Come on by and find out if your friends are already Twittering and you just didn't know it! The search field is on the right side of Twitter when you sign in:

I went search crazy looking for old friends, current friends, relatives, known but somewhat anonymous stalkers, and celebrities. Alas, I didn't find a single new person to follow. I suspect this is because most people's bio looks something like mine, "One line -- geez!"

It might be time to add a little richer metadata to our Twitter profiles. YAP, sigh!

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Janyne Kizer said...

Actually, you need the Nintendo for the dog program!