Friday, August 24, 2007

Major Apple announcement

I saw this on CNET about a major Apple announcement on Sept 5th. I'm here to tell you they have this completely wrong:

Ars Technica's Infinite Loop is reporting that unidentified Apple sources have brought word of an upcoming Apple event scheduled for September 5. While Infinite Loop's sources were unable to specify the exact details of what is coming, they signed off on a general reading of AppleInsider's recent report that a series of new iPods are on tap.

There is nothing "major" that Apple can announce in regard to the iPod. It's all been done. Nope, this announcement will be about the long anticipated MacTab Pro.

And yes, I'm totally making this up. We can wish can't we?


DebC said...

I'm sure whatever it is, it will make me wish I'd waited a month before buying my new MacBook.

Kevin Gamble said...

We definitely need you to get your new computer before September 5th. I'm soooooo wanting a Mac tablet.