Friday, August 3, 2007

How not to write for the Web

Ginny Redish has a new book, Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content That Works. From the book's Web site:

People have asked to see samples from Letting Go of the Words before buying it. That’s a fair request, so I’ve posted two chapters. They are in PDF because you want to see them as they are in the book...

Wrong, wrong, wrong! You lost me at PDF... The first rule of writing for the Web is that the reader is in control. You must provide access to the content in the manner that the reader chooses. Period! This is not an option! We are way past the day of Web sites attempting to control the user experience.

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Floyd Davenport said...

I saw your twitter comment questioning what to call "writing for the web". Good question. While writing is a form of communication, it may fall short of the level of interaction, collaboration, and community found online. Seems too one dimensional.