Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fashion Tip #3: Wearing pink

My good friend Anne posted this to Twitter last night:

aafromaa: At the Louisville Bats game (AAA). It takes real men to wear pink shirts.

Seriously? I try to stay on top of these trends since moving to the top of the fashion blogging A-list, but somewhere I'd totally missed real men wearing pink (periwinkle, fuschia, rose).

I'd just been to a NASCAR race last weekend where I was on the lookout for new fashion trends. I'm sorry, but I failed to observe a single man wearing pink. Well, excepting all the very morbidly obese pink men wearing no shirts whatsoever.

Which brings me to my Fashion Tip #3: If you're going to sport pink be sure to wear SPF 50.


Peg Boyles said...

Hah! Just Google "real men wear pink."

Many women admire men who dare to wear pink (not pants, though, even on women)in public. Confers an air of I'm-my-own-man self-confidence.

Kevin Gamble said...

I totally buy that! Goes with the message in my first two fashion tips I believe. :)

John Dorner said...

The men at CMFR are secure in their masculinity!

Unknown said...

Kevin, I all can say is that men who wear pink shirts do have a great sense of confidence and confidence always looks good.

Like my follow up Twitter message said, the Louisville Bats (AAA league) wore pink jerseys in honor of breast cancer survivors. Though I have always thought that men who wore pink confidently looked good, it took a little adjustment on my part to see several men wear pink as a team.

The Louisvile Bats should be commended for the altruism! In fact, they are auctioning each pink jersey

Oh, how funny that I am commenting on a fashion blog post--if it weren't for my fashion-sensitive daughters, I would wear khakis and navy everyday.