Sunday, July 22, 2007

You're it! on the the tagging hype cycle

Joe Lamantia at You're It! has a good read on the tagging hype cycle that I mentioned yesterday, Is Tagging A Disruptive Innovation?:

I don’t think the Hype Cycle comparison holds. In simple financial terms, I’m not aware of anyone making or losing substantial amounts of money specifically in relation to tagging. For many reasons, tagging has not yet emerged - and may never emerge - as a category of technology investment and activity for businesses.

Which is a better way of saying what I said yesterday -- that tagging hasn't emerged, and I suspect that he is right that it may never emerge.

Lamantia on tagging as a disruptive technology, however:

...underlying this impact assessment is the larger question of whether tagging is a disruptive innovation: will tagging change the shape of the metadata management ecosystem? Will tagging lead to new niches?

In comparison to established metadata management solutions, tagging shows several of the characteristics of disruptive innovations:
  • tagging is cheaper
  • tagging has low entry barriers
  • tagging is self-service

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